Ohio CSO Model

In Ohio, nearly $1 Billion dollars is made available to the underserved market creating a considerable economic boost for the state.

In Ohio, consumers can obtain access to cash through Credit Services Organization (CSOs) to match customers and Barr Funding for a loan.

Barr Funding is completely separate company from the CSOs we make loans through and partner with several different companies throughout the state and online to provide cash advances, installment loans, and title loans.

A Credit Service Organization provides a range of financial services to customers in Ohio in exchange for a fee.

Commited to Excellence

CSO’s provide assistance in obtaining an improved credit rating or an extension of credit for a customer in Ohio in several ways.

Services may include evaluating if a lender can be matched, ways to repair credit, assisting the customer through the application process, and the CSO may even provide additional guarantees to help a customer get approved for a loan.

Barr Funding is committed to providing consumers access to credit by being a fair and reliable partner to Credit Service Organizations and creating an outstanding customer experience.